Holiday Self Care Tips

Hey Love!

Holiday season is here. This can be a hectic and stressful time of year whether you celebrate or not. Below are some tips that may be useful to you during this time of year.

Stick to YOUR Routines:
    • Be sure to keep up with your morning, hair, skin, and evening routines. This will help decrease stress & anxiety. Yes things are a bit busier, but you are still your top priority.
    Honor YOUR Boundaries:
      • Don't let holiday season, family expectations, job responsibilities or any other "obligation" threaten your personal peace. You do not have to continue to do things that do not resonate with you because of tradition. You get to choose your lifestyle, not your family and ancestors (we love ya'll though).
      Don't Overindulge:
        • You should be experiencing an abundance of joy this season. Do it in a way that honors your body rather than bring harm to it. (Unhealthy) Food is abundant at this time as well. I know it tastes good. It also has you feeling tired, and bloated, and has your face breaking out. Treat yourself but don't overdo it.
        Pamper Yourself:
          • People tend to be friendlier to each other during this time of year. Take a page out of that book and treat yourself with extra care. If you're buying gifts anyway, get yourself a massage, or a go to a sauna while you're at it.
          Get Some Rest:
            • Get. Some. Rest. More rest than those involuntary food comas. Get real, restorative, and complete rest. You need and deserve it. I don't know about you but I love a good nap. They are everything.
            Be Present:
              • Family time, decorating, holiday shopping, and so much more is happening all at once. Make sure that you take moments to take it all in. Instead of making sure that everything is picture perfect, get into the activities so much that you forget to take pictures.
              Be Active:
                • Be sure to keep moving this season. Your body will thank for it. Begin new traditions that require you and your folks to get up and move. Your body will function better and it will help decrease stress & anxiety.
                Stay Hydrated:
                  • Drink Water! Eat fruit. And drink tea (not too much because it can dehydrate you). Your body will thank you for this too. Keeping your body hydrated helps it function better too and is very important during the winter. The teas will warm your gut, which will help boost your digestive system.
                  End of Season Purge:
                    • An end of season deep cleaning on all levels will help cleanse all of the lingering external energies. This will also help you make space for whatever the future holds. Cleanse your body (inside and out), your home, your energy, everything. Make sure there is nothing left lingering from this season as you head into the new year. See the blog post on How To Purge for tips.

                    As always, I hope these tips help, Love.