How To: Purge

Hey My Love!

How are you doing? I myself, am in a slight state of disarray to be honest.

But! It's really ok. Because I know how to reset an purge. Purge all of the external emotions, thoughts, energy, foods, whatever.

As we move through our days, through different situations, and through environments, we collect so much baggage which ultimately weighs us down and becomes disruption to our lives.

So it's important that we purge, detox, and release all of the extra stuff. There are some infographics with tips on how to purge your space, dense energy, stagnant emotions, the mind, and the body below. There is also a cute little bingo game that you can use to guide you if you are feeling overwhelmed or lost.

I hope this helps, Love. Happy Purging!



Purge /perj/, verb 

to rid someone or something of an unwanted quality, condition, or feeling.


Here is the link to the our IG Live series on purging for tips and a more in depth description for each topic in the series.